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Features of various audio capacitors

Mar 14, 2016

 Features of various audio capacitors---GAD VIVA MKP

   It is the new introduction of the German LITE high grade capacitor, the capacitor is not large, but also very light,it looks similar to the M-CAP. On the voice,the dynamic analysis of MKP GAD is quite preliminary.MKP GAD dynamic analysis is quite good,Its sound field is very broad, compared to M-CAP,its price is very low, this capacitor is worthy to buy.  

   Features of various audio capacitors---Si Bi black widow

   The classic MKP,a lot of machines such as MC240 are used the McIntosh black widow is used as the output coupling,which shows its quality.The black widow is very prominent vocal capacitance lip and instrumental texture, which makes people listen long not tired.But the performance is different from the VQ,in the density and analysis, the black widow is far beyond the VQ, this is very similar to the RTX MIT.The high frequency of black widow's capacitance is delicate,its frequency is sweet,low frequency is the impact of the force,compared to VQ, VQ wins in the soft, black widow is in the sense of texture, each have its characteristics, are very classic and characteristic of the capacitor. Purchase of the capacitor should be as high as possible to choose a high voltage.  

   Features of various audio capacitors---MKP10 WIMA

   Its voice is much better than the MKS4,intermediate frequency

 is thick and there is a certain sweetness,from the index, it is a rare good capacitor, but it is still a pity that the high frequency. So, although this capacitor is cheap, but to make good use of, which is quite an experience of personal tuning test.

   Features of various audio capacitors---WIMA BLACK BOX

   The real black Huisman, price is high, but the quality is quite good: clear treble but do not let a person feel rushed and dynamic analysis is of it. Personally think that it is quite suitable for listening to the symphony and brass.

   Features of various audio capacitors---RIFA 420

   No feature is the biggest feature of this capacitor, it can be said that the vast majority of people do not hate the sound of RIFA 420, although you do not like it.

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