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Do you know what the metal cutting drill bit is

Mar 14, 2016

   Do you know what the  mental cutting is?Well, the mental cutting ,look the words you can see the metal cutting drill bit can be used to cut mental. But which drill bit can be called metal cutting drill bit?

   How to cut a diamond? make it become a diamond or a bit, etc..

Diamond is made by laser cutting.

With a femtosecond laser, I used to do the cutting machine.

Including the ruby, sapphire can be used to cut the laser.

Eye surgery is also a femtosecond laser, the principle and the metal cutting drill bit is the same.

Like high-end watches on the casing of the glass is sapphire, nails are not zoned flowers.

With laser FS data:

Material in high intensity femtosecond laser will appear very strange phenomenon: gaseous, liquid, and solid substances in the twinkling of an eye into the plasma. The plasma can emit radiation of various wavelengths. High power femtosecond laser and electron beam collisions can produce hard X - ray femtosecond laser.

   The metal cutting drill bit can drill metal iron, but not white steel twist drill drill and other special metal. Metal bits are generally added to alloy steel. Special metal materials can be drilled, which is the most widely used. Usually in a range of 0.25 to 80 mm in diameter. It is mainly composed of the working part and the shank. The working part of the spiral groove, two twist shape, hence the name. In order to reduce the drilling friction between the guide part and the hole wall and twist drill drill point to the direction of the handle part decreases the diameter of inverted cone shaped.
The main effect of the cutting edge of the twist drill forward angle, blade strength and performance, usually 25 degrees to 32 degrees. The spiral groove can be processed by the method of grinding, grinding, hot rolling or hot extrusion, and the front end of the drill bit is formed by the cutting part. The standard twist drill cutting angle is 118, the horizontal edge angle is 40 DEG to 60 DEG, after the angle of 8 degrees to 20 degrees..

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