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Do you know the history of scissors?

Mar 14, 2016

  Do you have some knowledge about history of scissors ?If not , please let me tell you some history of scissors.According to archaeological records, the ancient Egyptians, as early as third Century BC, has begun to use the bronze to product the scissors. In the inside walls of  Kom Ombo (Temple) carved the characterization of a pair of scissors and some medical equipment, therefore, scholars are generally considered the Egyptian to be the first use of surgical technique.So the history of scissors dated back to Egypt.

   Ancient scissors

Note: at present, some scholars think that in Europe in the fifth Century BC, there has been a U shaped scissors. Whether it is true or not is controversial, but I do note that there are academic reports and papers to be quoted.
But the scissors is not in use today cross style. Today this style of scissors by archaeologist Flinders, Petrie (Flinders Petrie) that appear in the 1st century. In the 5th century A. D., Sevilla, Spain Isidore of (Isidore) once described the tailor and hairdresser will this pair of scissors is used as the main tool.The history of scissors is also very long. Currently in Luoyang, the Western Han Dynasty tomb unearthed scissors which dated back more than 2100 years. And, in about sixth Century, by Chinese scissors spreads to Japan, began making during the Edo period in japan. A long history of folk paper-cut art, but also from the side to prove the long history of scissors in china. Chinese character "scissors" is the meaning of "knife" before there is a knife". The ancients called "dragon sword", scissors shows its importance in life. Extant in China the earliest now kind of scissors style is found in Luoyang Northern Song Xining five years of the tomb, in the middle of the knife and the knife, axial, mounted on the supporting shaft, pivot between the knife and the knife. The scissors use the lever principle, and the use is convenient .

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