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Do you know ceiling fan capacitors?

Mar 14, 2016

  Ceiling fan capacitors

   The ceiling fan capacitors are usually referred to as the ability to hold a charge for the capacitors. Definition 1: ceiling fan capacitors, as its name implies,they are a "container",a kind of charge of the device. English Name: ceiling fan capacitors.The ceiling fan capacitors are widely used in electronic devices, one of the electronic components, widely used in the circuit in the direct cross, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning loop, energy conversion, control, etc. 2 .any two of which are insulated from each other and they are very close to each other (including conductors) that form a capacitor. Capacitance is the basic physical quantity, the symbol C, the unit is F (Fala).

   With the rapid development of electronic information technology, digital electronic products update faster and faster, the flat-panel TVs (LCD and PDP), notebook computers, digital cameras and other products, consumer electronic products production and sales continued to increase, leading to the capacitor industry growth.


  1 it has the ability to charge and discharge characteristics and prevent the DC current through, allowing the AC current to pass through.

   2 in the charging and discharging process, the charge on the two electrode has the accumulation process, the voltage has the establishment process, therefore, the voltage on the capacitor can not be mutated.

The charging of the capacitor: two plates with equal amount of dissimilar charges, the absolute value of the charged amount of each plate is called the charge of the capacitor.

Discharge of the capacitor: the positive and negative charge of the capacitor is neutralized by the conductor. Transient current is generated on the conducting wire during the discharge.

The simplest capacitor is composed of a polar plate at both ends. Electricity, the charged plate, forming voltage (potential difference), but due to the middle of the insulation material, so the capacitor is not conductive. However, this is the case in the absence of more than a capacitor of the critical voltage (breakdown voltage) under the premise of the. We know that any material is relatively insulated, when the material at both ends of the voltage,the material can be conductive, we call this voltage is called the breakdown voltage. Capacitance is no exception, after the capacitor is broken down, it is not an insulator. However, in the middle school stage, such a voltage in the circuit is not seen.

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