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What kind of paper sketch is good?

Mar 14, 2016

   What is a paper sketch?paper sketch is between between the printing paper and kraft paper,its thickness is moderate, the two sides of it, a surface is rough, it suitable for coloring pencil with charcoal, beginners usually use 8 open on the size of the, when skilled, we can use 4 sketch paper, when reached a certain level,we can also use a semi open or 1 open drawing paper. 

   Now, there are a lot of sketches on the market, some of the paper is very rough,some paper lines look very clear. I don't know which one to choose.

   What kind of paper sketch is good? The answer is, look at the needs of the time we draw a sketch.

   1. Sketch, we need to tune, so sketch paper should not be too smooth, if it is too smooth,it is not good on the tone, even in the number of times you draw a little bit more time, there will be a reflection of the phenomenon.

   2. The sketch paper is not more rough, the better, for too rough sketch paper, due to the ups and downs of paper-based, tune will feel very rough, this paper sketches, when painting realistically, it not easy to draw very realistic, because of its uneven paperback. It is easy to a rough feeling.

   3. Sketch paper should not be too thin, thin paper sketches, because in drawing the wrong, or some several times with the tone of the place, easy to be broken eraser, thus affecting the whole painting. So, when choosing a sketch, it's a little bit thicker.

   In addition,if the sketch paper is too thick,which is also a waste,because the price of the thicker paper sketch is more expensive,so in the painting, we had better to choose moderate sketch paper.In general, people who are not very clear, it is better to choose the middle price of the sketch paper.   

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