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The thin printer paper and printer paper

Mar 14, 2016

   A printing paper is a kind of paper used to print a document and a copy.There has many tyes, such as: A0, A1, A2, B1, B2, A4, A5., etc.

2 according to the weight or thickness of the classification:there are many thin printer paper and heavy printer paper,
according to the thickness of the paper, such as 60g, 70g, 75 and 80g, 85g, 90g, 100, 120, and so on.The thin printer paper is refers to the weight of paper and every unit area of the square is multiple, because the density of paper is basically the same,the heavier every unit area is weight,the thinner is the thin printer paper . Such as general speed printing machine,its every paper is about 40g , and one machine with the 50-60g paper,and use the copier weight 70-85g paper, printer with the general minimum is 60g,it is called the thin printer paper, otherwise the printer is easy to jam. For example: A4 paper weight 70 grams is refers to the weight of the paper for 70 grams per square metre, and non sheetfed weight 70 grams, a quantitative for 70 grams of A4 paper actual weight: 0.210 * 0.297 * 70=4.3659 reference: (Southern and coastal areas most office with 80g paper, and mainland and the northern region is mainly used 70g printing paper to office.)

   Classification by size and number of layers  
Office automation series of stylus printer computer printing paper, classification is divided by the number of layers and the size of paper,The paper's main purpose is: output / input single, financial statements, maritime and air freight bill of lading, single rooms, bills, bank with the bill, main application: government, enterprise, bank, hospital, courier companies, supermarket, hotel, KTV, outpatient department, dock and cargo shipping and so on.

   1 thickness of paper

The thickness of the paper is usually expressed as the weight per square meter (g), and the thickness of the common printing paper and the copy paper ,the printing paper weight 70 ~80 grams / square meter.

   2 density of paper

The paper refers to the density of the paper fiber density and the degree of thickness. If the fiber of the paper is too thin and too thick (i.e. density difference), when you use an inkjet printer,it will lead to negative water immersion and poor printing , but it also easy to produce paper wool, paper scraps, damage to the printer.But no matter the thin printer paper or others,it all has its function.

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