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the characteristic and maintenance of aluminum foil dispenser

Mar 14, 2016

   This aluminum foil dispenser is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, cosmetics, food and other packaging industries,the mainly use of aluminum foil dispenser is filling the aluminum foil gasket. Replace the previous manual plug gasket.

ZSP-200B linear type aluminum foil dispenser to achieve purpose of the rationalization of production and design, by mechanical transmission, Mitsubishi inverter speed control with the gas dynamic flip vacuum suction pads, disposable vertically plugging. Padding process automation operation, simple operation, only the cover into a material storage box, then put aluminum foil dispenser into the aluminum foil channel,and it can be completed by the equipments automatically, fast speed, stable performance, strong consistency.


   1 cover storage, automatic lifting feeding, automatic sorting

   2 no cover stop, back cover alarm stop

   3 anti gasket, no gasket detection

  4 counting loading and the total output of display

  5 prevent double gasket device

The daily maintenance of the aluminum foil dispenser quality, directly affect the service life of aluminum foil dispenser.

   The dispensing machine maintenance include dispensing machine service life in peacetime use,the following is dispensing machine daily maintenance steps:

   1 the replacement of rubber, need to clean the pipeline. At this time to close the inlet valve, open the discharge valve, discharge plastic barrel residual glue, close the discharge valve in an open discharge valve cleaning solvent into the glue storage barrel, activate the body, according to the usual mode of operation will be washing solvent extrusion

   2, air intake is not normal and you found that there is water vapor, please adjust the pressure filter to exclude or check the air pressure source has no difference. In the extensive use of aluminum foil dispenser, please master the skills of products, so as to avoid mistakes,

   3,please wipe aluminum foil dispenser clean regularly, in order to increase the service life. Now the liquid dispensing control technology and equipment widely used in various fields in modern industrial production.

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