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The best aluminum foil pan is at here

Mar 14, 2016

  Basic description of the best aluminum foil pan:
   Model: 1230 Product Name: aluminum disc
   Outside diameter: 110mm bottom diameter: 38mm
   Packing: 2000 / box
Logo: it can be customized according to customer requirements

Raw material: 8011/3003 food grade aluminum foil

Usage: it is used in food packaging, such as aviation, fast food chain, supermarket, hotel, bakery, baking and so on.

   Advantages of the best aluminum foil pan:

 1 safety it is high, aluminum foil container is non-toxic and harmless, heating does not produce harmful substances. Aluminum foil used for raw materials were detected by the food grade SGS.

2 it can be directly heated, applicable to a variety of cooking methods, can be directly into the microwave oven can be barbecue furnace.

3 aluminum foil container is beautiful, and it is the quality of light.

4 it has the advantages of environmental protection, aluminum foil container will not cause any harm to the environment. 5.It has a loop. Aluminum foil container can be recycled.

   Application of the best aluminum foil pan:

   The main performance: it is extremely resistant to high temperature, the appearance is generous, it is metal texture, the product and the market is already in circulation plastic cups, glass showed a sharp contrast effect, it an absolute increase in sales, it raise prices, which improve the quality of the best choice to improve the grade of products.

   The best aluminum foil pan  are mainly used in caramel and baked pudding, and baked the creme brulee, fruit grilled brulee, baked bread pudding, baking cups, roast Brulee cup, fruit grilled Brulee cup, bread pudding cups, snow Brulee cup, pan that can reach, a full range of desserts, but also suitable for fruit fishing cup, senior cup of ice cream, and high-grade moon cake tray,it is very suitable for the French baked moon cake, it is both noble and elegant and luxurious and health.

   There are a variety of aluminum foil in our company,we have a high reputation and we guarantee the quality of our products.If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to call

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