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Measures for the management of the company paper

Mar 14, 2016

 In order to further enhance the awareness of all employees, and reduce the company's daily expenses,company decided to recycle and use of printing, copying and other similar waste paper, the specific recovery and utilization of management as follows:

   Article 1:company paper should be classified,the administrative personnel department is responsible for collecting and managing.Each employee should classify their daily paper, do not need to keep the side of the paper, please put aside the side.

   Article 2:Each Friday,admin & HR department to recycle company paper.

   Article 3:Discarded company paper is divided into two kinds:single use and double-sided use.Both sides of the use of waste paper is collected by the recycling manager, and then unified treatment by the Ministry of personnel administration; one side of the use of paper recycling can be used as a draft paper use.

   Article 4:Company printers must first use single sided waste company paper,he drafting of the company staff in principle is not allowed to use white paper, if there is a formal document need to use paper, please contact the administrative personnel department in order to adjust the paper.

   Article 5:The administrative personnel and financial department can deal with waste paper directly to the waste recycling station,of course, the waste paper must have non confidential content and can not be used.Waste paper with confidential content must be crushed and processed.

   Article 6:Before the waste company paper is not fully utilized (both sides have been used), no one should be allowed to deal with it.

   Article 7:All waste (paper, cardboard box, etc.) is handled by the administrative personnel department.

   Article 8:Office set up a text book, all sectors of the print file materials will be implemented after the first registration method, not all of the registration will not be printed.

   Article 9:For those who do not use the paper or the use of paper in accordance with the provisions of the provisions of the paper, we will charge a fee.

   Article 10:In addition to the company documents, minutes of the meeting, they will be sent by electronic documents;

   Article 11:The right to interpret the system in the administrative personnel department.

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