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Introduction of inkjet printer paper

Mar 14, 2016

The color inkjet printer paper is an acceptance body of the ink jet printer nozzle to eject ink.Its basic characteristic is the ink absorption speed, the ink droplet does not spread.Specific requirements:

   1. It has a good record, the suction force is strong, the speed of ink absorption is very fast, the droplet diameter is small, the shape is nearly circular.

   2, the recording speed is fast, that is, the density is high, the order is continuous, the picture is clear;

   3, its preservation is good, the screen has a certain water resistance, light resistance, preserve and fastness in indoor or outdoor;

   4. The coat has a certain fastness and strength, coating is not easy to scratch, it is not static, it has certain smoothness which is resistant to bending and folding stretch.

   The color inkjet printer paper is a new type of recording paper, because of the rapid development, there is no uniform quality standards.With reference to the international common technical specification,China has a corresponding quality testing range and testing standards,the quality of inkjet printer paper which is produced according to this standard is not lower than similar foreign products, but the market price will be lower than similar products imported 20% ~ 50%. Therefore, the domestic color ink jet printing paper has a strong market competitiveness.  

   The color inkjet printer paper has very big distinction with generally paper.This is because the color ink jet printing usually use water-based ink, and the general paper accepted to the water ink after the rapid absorption of diffusion,as a results, both from the color and clarity are not up to the requirements of the printing (the use of water absorption of the material and can not absorb ink);The color inkjet printer pape  is paper deep processing of products, it is through a special coating treatment of the ordinary printing paper surface, which can absorb water-based ink and the ink droplets do not spread to the surrounding, so as to keep the original color and clarity.Those weights reach between 60 and 180 grams of printing paper to meet the requirements, while those less than 60 grams of ultra-thin printing paper, it is prone to simultaneous multi feed phenomenon.

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