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Introduction of aluminum foil bowl

Mar 14, 2016

  Before understanding aluminum foil bowl,first let us understand what is aluminum foil.Aluminum foil is a stamping materials which is rolled into sheets of aluminum.Aluminum foil has a clean, sanitary and shiny appearance, it can be integrated with many other packaging materials, and the surface of aluminum foil printing effect is better than other materials

   Brief introduction:The aluminum foil bowl is made of aluminum foil, which is a container for cooking rice, it can be directly used in digital rice cooker or in the gas stove heating production of rice.In some places, it is also called as baozaifan aluminum pot, bowl, pot aluminum foil.Use aluminum foil bowl to make the rice cooker is convenient and quick, and it save energy.As a takeaway delivery, it is fast, clean, environmentally friendly and sanitary.Due to the large number of applications and people pay more attention to the health of the disposable lunch boxes, in recent years,luminum foil bowl  is used more and more widely in China.  

   Commonly used specifications and collocation:At present, the size of aluminum foil bowl is basically unified in the market:An outer size is about 180mm, the size is 115mm, height is 70mm.The thickness of aluminum foil material used in rice cooker is 0.06mm, 0.07mm and 0.08mm.

   Commonly used collocation:

   One, plastic cover, aluminum foil and bowl (paired soft plastic cover, a low temperature high support force);

Two, paper cover and aluminum foil cup matching (paper cover can not be heated, and not resistant to oil)

   Three, aluminum foil cover and aluminum foil bowl matching (can be heated, fresh and good, the current market is the most popular);

   Advantage of aluminum foil bowl:

   1, in the use of the process, pot rice aluminum foil bowl without "harmful substances", and it is a one-time use, it is clean and sanitary, it does not pollute the environment, it is easy to recycle!

   2, aluminum foil bowl can be placed directly on the rice cooker and a gas furnace heating, cooking time fast 8-9 minutes can be a pot, energy conservation!

   3, compared with the current market bubbles or degradation of a lunch box, Baozi fan foil bowl appearance generous, grade is high, it well received by customers!

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