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How to use a aluminum foil microwave correctly?

Mar 14, 2016

 Do you have any knowlege about aluminum foil microwave?What do you think the aluminum foil microwave is?The aluminum foil microwave is a microwave oven with aluminum foil ,and you must want to know how to use the aluminum foil microwave correctly,so let's us learn the advantages and disadvateges of the aluminum foil microwave.

   Microwave oven generated the radio frequency band,it usually around 2500MHz. This frequency band of microwave has the following characteristics:

   1)it can be absorbed by food and water, so that it can make the molecules move violently, resulting in heat.

   2)it can't be absorbed by plastics, ceramics and glass.

   3)Thicker metal can resist microwave electric field,so microwave oven wall is made by a very thick metal; similarly, if you put a very thick metal containers into the microwave oven,the metal containers will reflect microwave then make the food inside can not be heated. But the aluminum foil is too thin to lead to catastrophic reactions. A thin metal conducting process and its rapid temperature rise, which can cause a fire. At the same time, the aluminum foil heat shrinkable tubing produced when the tip will lead to sparks, which can ignite any flammable items in the microwave oven.

   A microwave oven can not be used in the cooking of metal and porcelain enamel products, because the metal is reflected in the microwave. It not only leads to reduce the heating efficiency of the microwave oven, heating uniformity, it can make microwave and metal contact spark,serious it can damage the magnetron.

   The foil and microwave oven

   Aluminum foil may reflect the microwave, if we cook food takeing so long , using a small amount of aluminum foil wrapped easy cooked part. Cook for a while and then remove foil, continue cooking, so that you can let the food cooked more evenly. But when in use, the smooth part close to the food, to reduce the reflected energy. The use of barbecue function can be, because there is no use of microwave components.

   The microwave oven can use aluminum foil?

If the use of a large area of the foil is not. If used, as a result of the microwave oven has a high energy, so that the metal material in the active. When reaching a certain level, it will discharge a spark or flash. Aluminum foil is also a kind of metallic material, it can also reflect the microwave.

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