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How to study paper stories?

Mar 14, 2016

Content introduction of paper stories:Children's science and environmental protection of the enlightenment series, learning science, understanding nature, caring for the environment, to protect their homes. The Enlightenment of science and environmental protection is an integral part of today's children's education. For this purpose, we have edited and published the series of science and environmental protection. This book is one of them. The book illustrated form, introduces the the birth and development of paper, introduced the paper production, prone to pollution and how to avoid the measures. This book is concise and vivid, vivid, vivid and interesting. It is a good book to improve children's education in science education and aesthetic education.

   Teaching objectives of paper stories:

   1, proficient in reading the text, know the invention of paper and "Caihou paper" feature.

  2, master "who what to say what" the sentence.

  3, the cultivation of students' sense of national pride.

  4, on the basis of understanding,you can write a paragraph of praise the great Chinese people.

   Teaching process of paper stories:

   1, with their favorite way to read the text. Thinking: from the two paragraph,what do you read? Mark out your marks with the lines and circles.

   2, according to the student's answer, we draw on the blackboard:

(materials) (characteristics) of cotton, hemp rough bark, rags and light and thin, cheap

   (1) in the discussion of the process that the consolidation of vocabulary, words, and "one voice", "proud," and other words to speak.

(2) to make the students understand that "the paper was invented by the Chinese people", let the students read the seventh paragraph with a proud tone of voice.

   3, the guidance of the "who said what kind of" sentence practice.

   (1) first ask the students to find the "wide eyed and proud, by common consent" and other words for training.

   (2) diffusion training. Select the other content, and use the above sentence pattern to practice.

   Consolidation exercise of paper stories:

   (1) talk about the four great inventions of our country and their contribution to the world.

   (2) talk about the present paper. What do you want to say? How do you want to improve your paper?

   (3) writing exercises, write the contents of students' self, subject self. Teachers can also be a reference set of questions, such as "my side of the paper", "interesting paper", "beautiful paper", "my paper understanding", "paper stories".

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