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Have you heard the reynolds wrap aluminum foil?

Mar 14, 2016

 Have you heard the reynolds wrap aluminum foil?And what about the Reynolds Metals Company?Well,the Reynolds Metals Company produce the reynolds wrap aluminum foil and the reynolds wrap aluminum foil is famous in its  productions.

   The Reynolds Metals Company's business strategy

   Reynolds Metals Company in the United States is the world's third largest aluminium company, its primary aluminum and aluminum production are less than Alcoa and Alcan.The production reynolds wrap aluminum foil prodution ranks third in the world, the aluminum foil production and aluminum foil production technology occupies a leading position in the world, but because of the industrialized countries of economic downturn, aluminum prices plunged, from 1992 to 1993 the company appeared consecutive losses. 1992 loss of 7.488 billion dollars, although the situation in 1993, although there is a big improvement, but there was still a loss of 3.221 billion dollars, this year it will be able to turn around. In 1993, the sales revenue, if it is divided with products: the reynolds wrap aluminum foil products accounted for 68%, non aluminum products accounted for 25%, 7% of primary aluminum; if according to market: packaging materials and containers accounted for 45%, accounted for 13% of the wholesale and processing industry, buildings and structures sector accounted for 21%, automotive and transportation sector accounted for 11%,the electrical and electronic industry accounted for 16%; and according to the provisions of the region: the United States accounted for 75%, Canada accounted for 6%, Europe and other regions accounted for 19%. Shipments of various products in the past 3 years is increasing year by year, the average annual growth rate of 3%, the decrease in revenue, mainly due to the weakness of aluminum prices

   China is the world largest cigarette production and consumption country, at present our country has 146 large-scale cigarette factory, with an annual output of cigarette 34 million cases,the basic use of cigarette packaging foil, of which 30% adopt plating foil, 70% of which adopt the aluminum foil rolling, rolling aluminum foil consumption increased to 3.5 million tons .At present, there are two or three companies can produce high-quality smoke foil,one of which is the reynolds wrap aluminum foil which is produced by the Reynolds Metals Company ,they have the same technical level and international level,but domestic cigarette foil overall quality and international standards have a certain distance.

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