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Deformed man produced aluminum foil art to meet the Paralympic Games

Mar 14, 2016

   "Look, how beautiful the aluminum foil art,can't imagine this is made of tin cans

!"On August 29,CDPF staff holding a aluminum foil art "Fu Niu Lele"and amazing said.In order to meet the upcoming Paralympic Games, this is the Manchuria City, the disabled artist Zheng Huaiyong carefully produced with 1 months.

   "After knowing to open the Paralympic Games, I carved this aluminum foil art,which is used to bless the Paralympic Games,we although is disabled, but countries attach great importance to our, we must strive to improve, as the Paralympic spirit!"Zheng Huaiyong struggled to say. Because of hearing disability, his expression ability has been seriously affected.
   Zheng Huaiyong had not finished reading the middle school and he was forced to drop out of schoo.Although he became deaf but his positive, optimistic, upward character gave him the courage to face life, he tried to find his life direction.At the age of 17,a pendulum exquisite sailing in the crafts shop inspired his inspiration,he began to try to use waste cans making aluminum foil art.From the simple bamboo, grape, and later to the dragon, Phoenix, flowers, birds, fish, cartoon characters, Beijing opera mask,his works are varied, and his works are more and more refined.Not long ago, he was recognized by the China Arts and Crafts Association as the "Chinese folk art masters guide" to the publication of the artist, he is the first person in Manchuria to receive this award.

   It is understood, Manzhouli City CDPF staff to at the opening of the Paralympic Games, they will put the aluminum foil paintings "Fu Niu Lele" which is made by Zheng Huaiyong to Beijing and gave it to participate in the Paralympic athletes.

   Aluminum foil art, aluminum handicraft, aluminum plate, aluminum sculpture...... Aluminum, art and originally the wind horse and cattle and, but craftsmen to aluminum material, they are combined with the paper cutting, cut flowers, sculpture and other traditional and modern art, they after careful design and uncompromising attention to detail, they put aluminum transformed into art aluminum.I hope there are more people like aluminum foil art.

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