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You deserve filling cabinets on wheels

Mar 14, 2016

 Now the bathroom cabinet has more forms of combination can be selected,and the filling cabinets on wheels become more and more popular, different members of the combination, different habits of the family and different spatial patterns can be tailored to suit their own form of bathroom cabinets.

   Classification of bathroom cabinets

   1, independent

   Independent style bathroom filling cabinets on wheels are suitable for single master and rent apartments,they have concise style,they are easy to care, but their storage, washing, lighting functions are available
   2, double type
   Double bathroom filling cabinets on wheels are the best choice,they can avoid two individuals in the morning because a face wash basin and cuased confused situation, not only the very health, and users can respectively

according to their own habits to display items.

   3, combination type 

Combined bathroom filling cabinets on wheels have strong function and clear classification. It not only has the open shelf, and open the door, drawer peace, shape and size are not the same, according to the use of high and low frequency and the number of items to choose different combination forms and placement. Towels and soap and other commonly used items can be placed in the open framework. All are not commonly used in cleaning supplies can be put in by the cabinet, the more common fragile articles should be put in the glass cabinet door, safe and convenient.

   Purchase method

   with the improvement of living conditions. People pay more attention to the b

athroom, bathroom filling cabinets on wheels with their beautiful and delicate appearances, attracting everyone's attention, and it gradually become a bright spot in the bathroom.    

   1, in general, the small and medium sized bathroom to choose wall mounted bathroom cabinet, so that the following can be used to effectively use the space layout of other facilities.

   2, large bathroom can choose floor bathroom cabinet, but you'd better choose high cabinet legs or wheels, which can effectively isolate the ground moisture.

   3, understand the moisture resistance of metal parts, because even the wet and dry toilets are also can avoid the erosion of water vapor.

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