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Windowless air conditionera and window conditioners

Mar 14, 2016

  Do you know the windowless conditioners or have you seen the windowless air conditioners?Well, maybe you ever heard the window air conditioners,but not hear the windowless air conditioner,so what the windowless air conditioners?Well, maybe the windowless air conditioners are akind of new machine ,and both of us have no idea with it.Now let's look the following air conditioners.

   Household air-conditioning, there are many kinds, including common including hang wall type air conditioner, cabinet type air conditioning, air conditioner and a ceiling type air conditioning

   Wall air conditioner

   Air conditioner popular, technology is also in constant innovation. You should pay attention to compare the difference of the function of each brand.

In addition, quiet and energy-efficient design is also very important,it can let you sleep until dawn. Some wall mounted air conditioner with super cell outside the machine, if you are going to the outdoor unit on the balcony, this is also a good choice.

   Cabinet type air conditioner

   To adjust the wide range of space temperature, such as the living room or place of business, the most suitable air-conditioning closet.

In the choice should pay attention to whether there is a negative ion function, because it can clean the air, to ensure healthy.

   The window air conditioner

   The installation is convenient, the price is cheap, suitable for small room. In the choice to pay attention to its mute design, because the window is usually more split air conditioning noise, so the choice of close to split air conditioning noise standard window is better. In addition to the traditional window air conditioner and novel styles, such as designed for children of color panel machines for children, with voice prompt, lively and practical security, is also a good choice.

   According to the function of an air conditioner, the air conditioner can be divided into single cold air-conditioning. Cold air conditioning: it does not have the heating function,it is suitable for a hot summer or winter heating supply adequate area. Cooling and heating type air conditioner:it has the heating function.

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