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Why not choose outdoors tents

Mar 14, 2016

  Outdoors tents are supporting the shelter, sunlight on the ground and temporary residential shed. Multi canvas made, together with the support of the things that can be removed at any time transfer. The tent is carried in the way of the parts, and then assembled after the arrival of the tent. So we need all kinds of parts and tools. Know the name of each component and use method and familiar with the structure of the tent to quickly and easily put up the tent.

   Outdoors tents camp should be pitched on a hard, flat on the ground. Don't camp outdoor tents in riparian and dry bed. The best South or Southeast sides are able to see the morning sun, try not to Camp Hill or ridge. At least have a groove, do not take the river, so the night will not be too cold. The entrance of the tent to leeward, tent to stay away from the rock slopes. The camp is chosen for the best drainage of the sand, grass, or debris. In order to avoid the tent when it rains flooded, should dig a ditch under the roof edge. In order to prevent insects from entering, can be scattered around the outdoor tent kerosene.If you lose a part of the tent, the outdoors tent can not be combined with some parts.

   Don't use the camp column camp. Most want to build is completed in a short time can cause camp column cracking or metal ring loose. It is best to bring a three inch Aluminum Alloy spare tube. Different vendors have different designs for the different pins. From six to eight inches, T type, I type or half moon type. The spiral is the hard ground, rock, or snow. Of course, the camp near the trunk or branches, roots can also be for the camp nail. After the construction of the camp, will not need to use the items into the tent set. The camp column joint loosening should use the tape attached tightly.

   If you want to have a good dream in the mountains, it is best to pay attention to some joint point, such as the corner, the junction of the junction, and strengthen, even if the bad weather will not have any problems. Four corners of the tent to be fixed with ground screw. The evening before going to bed to check whether all the flames out, tents are fixed firm. Outdoors tents folding up before the first dry and then wipe clean. Snow period, can be used to wipe clean snow block. Do not dirty sleeping bag or tent upside down to dry and wipe clean.

   Outdoor tent for field investigation, camping, exploration, construction, disaster relief, flood control in the field of long / short living use. The most famous brand of outdoor tent is CampPal.

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