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What the reverse cycle air conditioners are?

Mar 14, 2016

   Do you know what the reverse cycle air conditioners are?Maybe most of you ever used the air conditioners,but you have no idea about reverse cycle air conditioners,now read the article, you will understand what the reverse cycle air conditioners are.
   Carnot cycle in 1824, young French engineer Carnot studied the efficiency of an ideal heat engine, the heat engine cycle processing was called the Carnot cycle ".

   This is a kind of special and  a  very important circulation,because the thermal efficiency is the maximum.
The Kano cycle consists four cycles, two adiabatic processes and two isothermal processes. It is 1824 N.L.S. in Kano (see Kano) put forward the research theories in the maximum efficiency of the engine. Kano assume that the work of the material only with two constant temperature heat source to exchange heat, no heat dissipation, air leakage, friction and other losses. In order to make the process a quasi-static process, the heat absorbing of the working substance from the high temperature heat source should be the isothermal expansion process ,and it doesn't have temperature difference, and the heat release to the low temperature heat source should be the isothermal compression process. Due to the restrictions ,it only exchange with the two heat source heat,it is  separated from the heat source can only be an adiabatic process. As the engine cycle engine was called Kano Kano.

   In the inverse Kano cycle theory, to improve the reverse cycle air conditioners coefficient is only the following two strokes:

   1. To improve the efficiency of the press, from the above, we can find that the theory of small air conditioning can only improve the efficiency of space 19%; the efficiency of large screw water machine to improve the 9% space .

   2. Expansion work loss and internal friction loss (the so-called internal irreversible cycle): the reduction of internal friction loss is almost no space and significance. Before the hydraulic motor we songrui the moderator of the not been invented ,the solution of the expansion power loss, the only way is to reduce the transport quality with large volume of refrigerant. Such as R410A composite as compared to R22 refrigerant volume, the expansion of power loss reduction, relatively improve the refrigeration coefficient. But the current situation by using the volume of refrigerant,the increasing space of the reverse cycle air conditioners coefficient will not exceed 6%. (Ultimate Space 12%)

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