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What should you pay attention to when using portable vacuum cleaners?

Mar 14, 2016

 The size of portable vacuum cleaners is small,it is very convenient to carry and use.Portable vacuum cleaners is mainly used for the car clean, on the keyboard, electrical appliances, etc. also have a good effect. The disadvantage is that the power is small, the suction is not strong enough.

   What should you pay attention to when using portable vacuum cleaners?

   When you use the vacuum cleaner, you must pay attention to the following matters:

   1 when using the vacuum cleaner,please note that do not to block the suction port, otherwise it will cause motor overload, damage motor.

   2 when using the vacuum cleaner, please note that you must install dust filter bag well,which prevent dust from entering the motor chamber.

   3 please don't smoke cement, gypsum powder, plaster and other small particles with a vacuum cleaner,otherwise, it will cause trouble, such as a vacuum cleaner dust filter bag or clogging of the filter, the motor burned out etc..

   4. Cleaning vacuum cleaner, please use water or neutral detergent wet cloth, do not use gasoline, bananas, water, etc., otherwise,it will lead to cracking of the shell or fade.

   5 please do not use a vacuum cleaner to suck detergent, coal, oil, glass, needles, soot, water wet dust, sewage, matches and other items.

   6 please do not let the vacuum cleaner close to the fire source and other high temperature places.

   7 please do not use the vacuum cleaner to absorb water and other liquids, we can not use water to flush the vacuum cleaner.  

 8 when you need to clean or repair the vacuum cleaner and do not use the vacuum cleaner, please unplug the power plug, do not pull the power cord.

 9 After using a vacuum cleaner,we should wipe cleaner and accessories with a damp cloth, and then put it in the natural air drying. To promptly remove dirt bag dirt,if you do not use it for a while, we will use warm water to clean the dust bag, and then naturally dry in the sun. It should be cleaned on the brush hair and confetti.

 10 we should always check the wear of the brush, if it is found to wear serious, it should be replaced.

 11 we should always check the various parts of the vacuum cleaner, if there are loose should be tightened at any time.


 12 Brush of vacuum cleaner motor is easy to wear, should pay attention to the repair replacement

 13 we should always check the dust head and exhaust port to prevent blockage.

 14 protect the hose of portable vacuum cleaners, do not press the weight.

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