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What is the processing requirement of large filing cabinets?

Mar 14, 2016

What is the processing requirement of large filing cabinets?

   1, requirements of processing and manufacturing:All sheets and pipes of the processing parts, after processing and then polished burr, they are no cracks and scars.All welding is strong, pass is smooth and flat.

   2, manufacturing tolerance requirements: each assembled dimension (LxWxH) limit deviation 2mm. The inclination is not more than 3mm. The gap between the joints are all the same, and the gap should be 1-2mm.

   3, surface processing requirements:It is pointed out that in order to ensure the long-term file cabinet, a bed body corrosion, coating does not fall off, select environment-friendly plastic powder (through the ISO9001 quality system and ISO4001 environmental protection system certification mark),and it specifies strict surface treatment process, specific operation process is as follows: hot water removal of fat - > cold water cleaning - and - Hot phosphating treatment - cold water washing, hot passivation powder curing and the current international popular sub light processing, luxurious appearance, firm surface, attached strong adhesion.

   4, appearance requirements: (1) file cabinet, steel file cabinet, cabinet, locker, locker, file cabinet, parts, components, smooth, smooth. (2) color according to the contract requirements, the surface finish is smooth, uniform color, no scratches.
   What is the processing requirement of large filing cabinets?

   The quality control standard of large filing cabinets:

   (1) Remove oil, rust treatment process: A, the workpiece surface oil, rust and oxidation layer, the chemical cleaning and degreasing, there should be no oil, floating turbid and dirt, the surface shall be water soaked completely. The B, after pickling, there should be no visible oxide, rust, corrosion, the surface color should be uniform.

   (2) phosphating treatment process: A, phosphating treatment mainly by the method of cleaning. B, phosphating treatment with zinc and calcium dihydrogen phosphate as the main component of solution, the phosphating bath preparation, adjustment, according to the process requirements. C, phosphating after the workpiece should be with flowing water thoroughly cleaned and improve the cleaning quality of the workpiece surface. At the same time, the heat of the chromic acid solution for closed treatment. D, the workpiece after phosphating and washing, the dryer dry before spraying treatment. E, the workpiece and spray time after phosphating were generally not more than 24 hours.

   What is the processing requirement of large filing cabinets?You should be very clear now.

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