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What is the composition of the portable air purifiers?

Mar 14, 2016

The appearance of the portable air purifiers is mainly composed of the casing, the filter section, the duct design, the motor, the power supply, the liquid crystal display screen, etc..The motor determines the life of the portable air purifiers, the filter section determines its purification efficiency, duct design, chassis, filter section and the motor determines whether it is quiet.

   Portable air purifiers are mainly composed of a motor, a fan, a air filter, intelligent monitoring system composition, some models of the machine with humidification function of water tank, or supplementary purification device, such as negative ion generator, high voltage circuit.Air filtering net is the core component of portable air purifiers.Other purification devices actually play a supporting function,so air filter directly affects the effect of air purifier.

   Motors and fans: motor fans as the core of the portable air purifiers is also essential parts, the main role is to control the flow of air circulation. After being sucked into the air with the pollutant, the clean air can be blown out after being filtered.

   Air filter (filter): most of the air purifier on the market are mainly through the filter to achieve the purpose of purifying the air, while the filter is mainly divided into: particulate filter and organic filter. Particle filter is divided into coarse filter, and fine particle filter; organic filter mesh is divided into in addition to formaldehyde filter, deodorant filter, activated carbon filter, etc.. Each filter is mainly targeted at the source of pollution are not the same, the principle of filtering is not the same.

   Tank: The air purifier is more and more popular,the function of the portable air purifiers is not limited to air purification,by increasing the structural design of the water tank,in the completion of the basic mission ,at the same time, air purifier is also able to play the role of humidification air. 

   Negative ion generator and high voltage circuit: it is generally used as an auxiliary purification function, it is mainly to the negative ions with clean air sent out. The negative ion has the function of sedation, hypnosis, analgesia, increasing appetite, lowering blood pressure and so on.

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