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What is the best home air purifiers?

Mar 14, 2016

We have no way to improve the city's environment, but at least, we can improve the living environment of the home, the most basic way is to use the best home air purifiers, after all, After all, as long as they are alive, they have to breathe.

   The purification technology of the best home air purifiers is:adsorption technology, negative (positive) ion technology,

catalysis, photocatalyst technology, ultra structure light mineral, HEPA, filter technology, electrostatic dust technology;

materials technology mainly has: photocatalyst, activated carbon, synthetic fiber, heap, material, negative ion generator, etc..
   The best home air purifiers---PHILPS air purifier

   Their air purifier includes several major series, that is, health home, living, humidification, bedroom four. Their characteristics are as follows:

   Healthy air. Its unique compound, to formaldehyde filter double air sensor,which can automatically and accurately determine the cleanliness of the air, the fast mode can be instantly to a maximum speed of clean air.Long lasting protection.

   The best home air purifiers---YaDu air purifier

   Currently, YADU KJG3019DW is worthy to by,it's exquisite, color is low-key, it can purify 30 flat space in seven minutes,It is sufficient to meet the daily needs of the general family,in addition, the humidification function attached to purchase a humidifier eliminates the tedious and overhead. The model has a variety of optional operation and indication mode, is extremely convenient. The machine is selling them, the price is very attractive.

   The best home air purifiers---Wright Eyre air purifier

   Wright Eyre has developed air purifier products for many years,it has a number of patented technology,in ensuring the realization of low carbon, environmental protection, no noise, no supplies ,at the same time, but also to achieve a stylish and beautiful appearance design.As a high-end brand, Wright Eyre each are fine, but as a guide, here, I recommend the A420 model.Active adsorption, healthy negative ion function, no ozone release, the ultimate mute (as low as 5 dB!) , the ultimate energy saving (only 7W power), art, and other aspects of the appearance and so on ,all aspects of the reasons for everyone to choose it.

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