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what is the best air purifiers ratings?

Mar 14, 2016

 Air purifier has its air purifiers ratings.Do you know how much the air purifiers ratings are?

   The greatest harm air pollution is the diameter less than 2.5 microns (that is, PM2.5, medicine called into the lung particulate matter). And the experimental study found that for PM2.5 these tiny particles, passive mode of purification is powerless, PM2.5 and other small particles can easily through the filters, activated carbon and other substances, re-entering the air harmful to human health.

   And based on the active principle of purification, small particle diameter of negative ions are not only can easily remove the air large size particles, and for air purifier diameter is less than 0.01 Zhou and the dust  which is hard to remove in industry, it has 100% settlement and removal effect. Imitation of nature's ecological negative ion generation technology has come out, which is characterized by small particle size, high activity, with its excellent effect of the proliferation and health effects to achieve a better air optimization effect.

      Finally, the quality of air treatment is compared and analyzed. It is found that the passive air purification principle, if the filter pore size is small enough for air treatment result can only achieve the purpose of purification, which means that it can only be "clean" air. However, negative ion air purifier is different, not only can effectively remove particulate contaminants in the air, and decomposition of formaldehyde, and other harmful gases, to provide clean air to indoor environment,it can also provide efficient role of negative air ions on human health to the indoor environment, indoor air quality has reached the standard of "healthy air".

And it reached the biggest air purifiers ratings.  
   The rules covering all household air purifier, product purification performance and sterilization performance test requirements: "solid pollutants, gaseous pollutants and microbial air purifiers ratings reached 40% or more, more than equal air purifiers ratings to 25%, equal to or more than 50%, in order to determine the products with the relevant performance." Inspection of the product allows the use of marked "China's environmental protection product certification" logo. The first batch of air purifier to get the logo will soon be published and labeling. By then, the consumer will buy according to the law,to choose the best machine which has the best air purifiers ratings.

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