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What are the top ten vacuum cleaners?

Mar 14, 2016

 What are the top ten vacuum cleaners?I'll give you an introduction.

   the top ten vacuum cleaners 1:Midea

   Midea Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. is one of the top 500 enterprises in China,it is one of the most competitive brands in the world, China's well-known trademarks, world-class famous brand,whether it is China or foreign markets, the producters of Midea are very popular with the public,Midea Group has maintained a healthy, stable and rapid growth. 

   the top ten vacuum cleaners 2:Philips

   It is an enterprise with a long history, its comprehensive strength is also very strong, and now, PHILPS is the world's top 500 brands, one of the world's most valuable brands, it is a large Multi-National Corporation.

   the top ten vacuum cleaners 3:puppy

   In 1999, puppy electrical company was established,it is mainly engaged in puppy license cleaner. It is a settled in the United States.

   the top ten vacuum cleaners 4:Panasonic

   Panasonic group is a global electronic manufacturer, it is engaged in the production, marketing and other business activities of all kinds of electrical products. Panasonic Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was established in 1994,and in 2002, it achieved a wholly owned, it is mainly responsible for the wholesale and service activities of home appliances and system products.
   the top ten vacuum cleaners 5:Kurvers

   Kurvers mainly engaged in home service robot research and development, manufacturing and sales. In the home service robot design, development and other fields, its "kurvers" brand in the world leading position.Cobos now has the world's only the most complete home service robot product line, it has become the global home service robot industry pioneer, and home service robot industry makers.

   the top ten vacuum cleaners 6:Electrolux

   Electrolux Pty Ltd is one of the world famous electric appliance Equipment Manufacturing Company.It is the world's largest kitchen equipment and cleaning equipment and outdoor electrical appliances manufacturer,it is also the world's largest commercial appliance manufacturer.

   the top ten vacuum cleaners 7:SANYO

   The company is mainly engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of the modern international technology level and high quality small household electrical appliances.

   the top ten vacuum cleaners 8:FOMART

   FOMART, the world's leading brands of smart clean

   the top ten vacuum cleaners 9:Haier

   Haier group is the world's leading home appliance solutions provider and the actual fusion channel.

   the top ten vacuum cleaners 10:dyson

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