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What are the in room air conditioners

Mar 14, 2016

  An air conditioning appliance used to direct a closed room, space, or area directly to the treated air. It is usually referred to as the in room air conditioners. An in room air conditioners, which are used for the cooling of an air conditioner, which has the capacity to express the amount of heat that is removed from a closed room, space, or area within a unit time. Its unit is W (Watt). The provisions of various countries on the scope of domestic air conditioner refrigeration capacity is not uniform, China is below 9000W.

    In 1930, the United States first developed a successful in room air conditioner. Since then, Japan has developed into a floor type air conditioner (1936), a window type air conditioner (1953), air cooling heat pump type air conditioner (1960) and split type air conditioner (1961). In the 40's, the United States developed a successful rotary compressor for air conditioners. 70 years, the production of air conditioners in Japan has been widely used rotary compressor, thus reducing the volume and weight, improve the capacity of refrigeration. At the beginning of the 80's, Japan realized the frequency conversion control of air conditioner compressor. The air conditioner not only improves the comfort of the in room air conditioner, but also saves energy.

    The in room air conditioners have varieties of classification methods. According to the structure of the form is divided into two types of integral and split. Integral of a window, through the wall; split divided into two parts, the indoor unit and outdoor unit, indoor unit of a ceiling type, hanging on wall, floor type, embedded, desktop etc.. According to the features of the cold wind, heat pump type, wind cooling, cold wind heat pump desiccant type, heat pump auxiliary heating type, according to the cooling way is divided into water cooled and air cooling type. The in room air conditioners generally adopt air cooling type.

    The working principle of the cold air type air conditioner is that the compressor is sucked into the low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas, and the compressed air is compressed into a high pressure high temperature gas to be discharged into the condenser and cooled by the cooling air discharged by the axial flow fan. The high pressure high temperature gas in the condenser is then condensed into liquid. And through the capillary tube flow for low temperature and low temperature liquid into the evaporator and vaporization, absorption by the centrifugal fan running in the heat of the indoor air. And then make the indoor air cool. After the cooling of the indoor air in the role of the centrifugal fan, through the air duct and sent back to the room. When the air flows through the evaporator, the surface temperature of the evaporator is lower than the dew point temperature of the indoor air. The water vapor in the air is condensed into water during the sharp cooling, and is dropped into the air conditioner chassis. It is led to the outside of the drainage pipe. So the reciprocating cycle, you can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. Air purification by air conditioning filter device to complete. The filtering device is composed of an air inlet grille and a filter screen. Filter is generally made of polyurethane foam, the air has a good filtering effect.

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