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What are the characteristics of modern bar furniture?

Mar 14, 2016

odern bar furniture is mainly divided into plate type bar furniture and solid wood bar furniture.Panel bar furniture is concise and lively, trendy, and its layout is flexible, the price is easy to choose, plate bar furniture is the mainstream of the furniture market.Solid wood furniture is a kind of furniture which is made of natural materials without re processing, without using any artificial board (part of the inner panel may use artificial board).

   Chinese modern bar furniture has a long history, it is an important part of China's national cultural heritage, it is also a bright pearl in the treasure house of the world.Among them, the Ming Dynasty furniture is famous for its simple shape, strict structure, moderate decoration, beautiful texture and,it was known as "the Ming Dynasty style furniture",it become the representative of China classical furniture.China's Qing Dynasty furniture inherit and carry forward the tradition of the Ming Dynasty furniture, it merges into the external form and forms its own unique style,it also occupies an important position in the history of the development of Chinese furniture,today,great changes have happened in modern furniture,modern bar furniture with Chinese characteristics can meet people's needs more. 

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   The characteristics of modern bar furniture is divided into the following points:

   1, modern minimalist style: it is concise and lively, practical and generous. Because of the "minimalist" philosophy of life is prevalent in today's popular culture.

   2, the modern avant-garde style: Rely on light and shadow of the infinite variety of new materials and new technology, in pursuit of the conventional space deconstruction, bold, strong contrast color layout, and rigid flexible simultaneously material collocation.

   3, elegant doctrine: The owners of the literary and art circles have a special liking for the elegant doctrine.They focus on taste, emphasizing comfort and warmth, but they also require relatively simple design style.

   4, the new classical style:This style has the dual aesthetic effect of classical and modern,the perfect combination also allows people to enjoy the spiritual comfort while enjoying the material civilization.

   5, the Mediterranean style: Features:Pay attention to space collocation in combination,in terms of color, it chose natural soft, it makes full use of every inch of space it set decoration and application in one.

   There are lots characteristics of modern bar furniture,this is just a part of it.

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