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What are the characteristics of austin air purifiers?

Mar 14, 2016

 Austin air purifiers use expensive quality protection anti biochemical materials MAC-B (manufacturing raw materials for high-quality coconut shell middle), adding an appropriate amount of zeolite with scientific methods with, thus more effective enhance the activated carbon filtration efficiency, increasing the types of filtration of toxic substances.It is equipped with a 6.8 kg of excess activated carbon,it can absorb about 4 kg of harmful substances.

   Austin air purifiers use laser technology to process the standard medical grade HEPA filter layer, expand the area of 2.8 square meters, can effectively filter the small to 0.1 micron particles and bacteria (1 microns is about 1 hair diameter of 1/100).
   Austin air purifiers use a medical grade anti microbial filter layer in the outermost layer,it can filter all kinds of suspended particles and harmful substances with a size of more than 10 microns.

   Austin air purifiers is provided with a third gear speed switch, it has humanized design, when we use it, according to the different needs of the day and the night, we choose different air flow rates, it does not affect sleep and work.

   Austin air purifiers select high quality metal materials,its surface uses environment-friendly powder paint process,all closed and connecting parts must not use glue and rubber products,it only uses the metal and foam seal, and various auxiliary components of carefully selected strictly,it ensures that the product is not in itself on air caused by secondary pollution.And the general air purifier uses plastic shell,the internal processing often use industrial glue and rubber products to reduce costs, therefore, under certain conditions, it is inevitable to release some harmful substances, the purified air is easy to be polluted by two times.

   Austin air purifiers use a unique PSC fully enclosed motor,when it is running, it will not produce irritating noise, it will not release toxic and harmful substances. The motor is produced by special technology, it is not required to maintain, it's normal service life can be more than 5 years.Its shape is beautiful and generous, the volume is small, maintenance is convenient,it only need to vacuum cleaner on the surface of the body mask once a month, the filter cartridge can be used for more than 2 years,it does not need to clean and replace.

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