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What are the advantages of mobile air conditionings?

Mar 14, 2016

 What are the mobile air conditionings?Mobile air conditionings break through the traditional design concept,their size is small, high energy efficiency, low noise, no installation, it can be placed in a different house.

   What are the advantages of mobile air conditionings?

   1, in the local scope, the cooling effect is faster than ordinary air-conditioning.For example: in order to prevent overheating of computer and instrument equipment, we can directly to the outlet is adjusted to positive blowing straight state, which can reach the cooling effect.

   2, we do not need to consider the placement of the outdoor unit,as convenient as a fan, plug and play.For example: the office only need to use the exhaust pipe to the distance, they immediately have a cool space.

   3, mobile air conditionings is equipped with a universal wheel, you can move to the place to be more convenient and practical. For example: whether the rooms or in the kitchen, it can follow.

   Mobile air conditioning offers irreplaceable convenience for the place which is unable to install the outdoor machine.It is the best complement to the central air conditioning.As a leader in the domestic mobile air conditionings, TCL Delong is continue to increase R & D efforts, excellence,it develops more powerful mobile air conditioning, to meet the growing market and different places of use.With the development of the market, it is believed that mobile air conditionings will be known and used by more consumers. 

   Why there are few domestic households using mobile air conditionings?

   As a new product, mobile air conditioning first appeared in Europe and the United States market, due to the high technical content, its production and R & D costs are expensive.Affected by the technical barriers of Europe and the United States patent,it has been monopolized by foreign countries;And the development of the domestic air-conditioning industry bases on the imitation of the Japanese air conditioning technology. Domestic air-conditioning market entry barriers and early profits temptation, making the domestic market in China's domestic air-conditioning market has been growing with the development of the domestic air-conditioning industry.


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