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What are heavy duty vacuum cleaners

Mar 14, 2016

 Several inventors in nineteenth Century have developed a machine that can absorb dirt. Most machines are using a hand operated folding bellows. Some machines were made, including the success of the "Little Daisy". But they do not save labor, because it takes two to operate, an exhaust box, an alignment interface. British engineer Herbert Booth made the first heavy duty vacuum cleaners in 1901. It has a gasoline engine, and is the first computer with a highly efficient filter of vacuum cleaner, i.e., it has a retain dirt filter cloth, the clean air back into the room. It is a large, bulky device that is intended to be used in the factory. The vacuum cleaner booth was impressed by the American inventor J Murray spengler. He in 1900 made a smaller for household use vacuum cleaners and sells a called William H. Hoover harness maker the rights of this design. In 1908, Hoover set out to produce a small vacuum cleaner, and it proved to be very popular with people. Since then, the vacuum cleaner is known as the "Hoover" brand.Heavy duty vacuum cleaners designed in nineteenth Century which was powered by a steam engine. Even if applied to industry, this big machine does not have the opportunity to be popular.

   Vacuum pumps, dust bags, hoses and nozzles with different shapes and different shapes. The machine has an internal electric fan, electrified high-speed operation. The vacuum is formed inside the vacuum cleaner. The internal pressure is much lower than that of the outside world. Under the action of the pressure difference, the dust and dirt with the air flow into the dust collector barrel body. After the dust bag filter, dust in the dust collecting bag. The final purification of the air through the motor to re escape into the room, play the role of cooling motor, air purification.

     The principle of the heavy duty vacuum cleaners is: the fan impeller of the vacuum cleaner is driven by the motor at high speed. At the same time, the dust suction part of the air is constantly added into the fan. In this way, it may be possible to form a higher pressure difference with the outside world. Suction nozzle of dust, dirt with the air is inhaled dust absorbing part, and after leak detector leakage, dust, dirt collecting and dust barrel within.

    The filter material of the heavy duty vacuum cleaners can be more dense air filter cleaner is clean. But its air permeability is worse. This affects the amount of air inhaled by the motor and reduces the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. But for the user, comfortable and clean is the main.Its air permeability is low, so it is made into a wavy shape to increase the permeability of the area. Some of this filter material can be repeated cleaning. Any filter material has a "life",which is also the microporous filter material after long-term use of small particles of dust has been blocked. Therefore, the paper of the dust bag is more ideal, after use, disposable, sanitary and convenient. The cloth bag dust filter after cleaning the fiber will harden, affect the filtering effect and ventilation effect. The SMS three layer composite filter material is resistant to washing, but the air permeability is slightly lower.

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