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Types of ruud air conditioners

Mar 14, 2016

   There are many types of ruud air conditioners,which comprises a hanging wall type air conditioner, cabinet type air conditioning, air conditioner and a ceiling type air conditioning, but these products have different characteristics,their prices are not the same, we have to choose according to our own needs.

   types of ruud air conditioners---Wall air conditioner

   Ventilation function is the use in the hanging wall type air conditioning technology to ensure the home with fresh air, prevent the air-conditioning illness, use up more comfortable, more reasonable.In addition, quiet and energy-efficient design is also very important,which can let you sleep until dawn.Some wall mounted air conditioner with ultra small outdoor machine,if you're going to put the outdoor unit on the balcony, this is a good choice.

   types of ruud air conditioners---Cabinet type air conditioner

   To adjust the wide range of space temperature, such as the living room or place of business, air-conditioning closet is the most appropriate.In the choice, we should pay attention to whether there is a negative ion function, because it can clean the air, to ensure healthy.And some cabinet type air conditioner has mode locking function,its operating condition is mastered by the master,it will be more useful for families with children and the business place,it can avoid unnecessary damage.

   types of ruud air conditioners---The window type air conditioner

   The installation is convenient, the price is cheap,it is suitable for the small room.In the choice, we should pay attention to its mute design,because the noise of the window machine is usually than that of the score body air conditioning,so the choice of window machine whose noise standard is close to split air conditioning is better. 

   types of ruud air conditioners---Ceiling type air conditioner

   Innovation of the air conditioning design ideas, the indoor machine lifting in the ceiling, surrounded by wide-angle blow, rapid temperature regulation, it does not affect the indoor decoration.According to the function of an air conditioner, the air conditioner can be divided into single cold air-conditioning and heating type air conditioner. Cold air conditioning: it does not have the heating function, it is suitable for hot summer or winter. Cooling and heating type air conditioner: it has the heating function.

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