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There are top 10 air purifiers

Mar 14, 2016

  There are top 10 air purifiers 1---PHILPS

   Small appliances of Philips are quite well-known in the industry,regardless of appearance or performance is one of the highest,but the price of PHILPS's products is a little higher than the average product.

   There are top 10 air purifiers 2---Daikin

   Daikin brand is well-known in the country,everyone who usedDaikin products knows that the performance of its products is very good,more important is that the purchase of selected Daikin products are quite promising.

   There are top 10 air purifiers 3---Votek

   Votek is domestic air purifier brands.It understands the needs of domestic consumers.Mass consumers can use the up and use well.Now,Votek is also getting better and better in the development of the domestic market.

   There are top 10 air purifiers 4---Sharp

   Home appliances of Sharp are also very well known in the world.the air purifier products also have a lot of advantages,the difference between the price of products and other brand products are not very large,it's a brand which is worthy to consider.  

   There are top 10 air purifiers 5---Malata

   Malata is a well-known home appliance brands, but it is also a small household electrical appliances pilot enterprises,in terms of design and overall performance, Malata's products do not lose the international brand, it ranks among the top ten brands of air purifier.

   There are top 10 air purifiers 6---vortek

   Vortek is the world's air purifier pilot enterprises,now, the world's first intelligent solar air purifier is still Vortek all,It is also the only one in the world, which is enough to witness the strength of Vortek's brand.

   There are top 10 air purifiers 7---Chronoswiss - Blueair

   Rainbow - Blueair air purifier brand from Sweden, its popularity is very high in foreign countries.Rate of rainbow - Blueair's popularity may also is not very high in the domestic market,but I believe that after consumers understand Ruibao -  Blueair more, they are gonna recognize it.

   There are top 10 air purifiers 8---honeywell

   Honeywell is a high-end air purifier brand,products are high quality from inside to outside.

   There are top 10 air purifiers 9---GREE

   Gree is one of of the earliest in the world in the field of enterprise,humanity's technology is one of the biggest advantages of GREE, coupled with sophisticated technology, making it in the industry have no small influence.

   There are top 10 air purifiers 10---Panasonic


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