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The uesful camping tool--Backpack tents

Mar 14, 2016

 Backpack tents are tents that can be packed in a backpack and can be camping outdoors. They usually contains a function of rain and sun, wind, air temperature and vibration. Choose to pay attention to the weather camping, activities of the environment to select the tent style and fabric material, the size of the internal space,etc..

  Backpack tents are designed to take into account the different uses, there are different styles. In terms of the shape of the tent, the common tent roughly divided into five styles.Triangular tent: before and after the herringbone pipe bracket, middle rack of a transverse rod connecting, propped up in the tent, SISU account can be. This is early the most common tent styles. Dome shaped tents (also known as Mongolia package): the use of double cross support, disassembly and assembly are relatively simple. The current market is the most popular style. Hexagonal tent: the use of three or four bar cross support, but also some of the use of six design. Its focus on the stability of the tent, is the "high mountain" of the common style tent.

  Companies generally according to the amount of the number of people using the backpack tents into one account, account, account for four, five account, account for six, eight second account. Of course, there may be more people in the tent we can according to the needs of individuals to select the appropriate size of the tent.

  The tent cloth or are used waterproof nylon cloth, to resist the infiltration of rainwater. A tent with good waterproof property will be attached to the suture part to increase the waterproof property. The main account or account of the fabric of the water is not as good as the external account, but there will be a good air permeability. Tent cloth and the outer tent, like to be able to prevent the infiltration of moisture from the surface of the ground. Therefore, the cloth is very necessary for the water, the choice of backpack tents must pay attention to.

  After each trip, the internal and external accounts and the accounts, to clean up the nail. The main objects are snow, rain, dust, mud and worms.Night lighting in the tent as far as possible to avoid do use candles and other unprotected fire items as props for lighting, try to use headlights, flashlight and special for tent camping. Before going to bed, please put the rock climbing equipment and ropes and other professional equipment placed in the corner of the tent or in front of the entrance hall, in order to prevent sleep at night when the pedal touch these sharp objects to hurt the tent. If there is any damage to the local, should be timely repair properly.

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