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The design and collocation of commercial furniture uk

Mar 14, 2016

  Commercial furniture uk design content includes: commercial furniture uk design basic procedures, custom furniture and field production of furniture, the latter feature of purchasing .

   the basic procedures for the design of commercial space

(1) the commercial furniture uk designer, or the design draft of the commercial furniture uk designer. Now many high-quality store commercial furniture uk is designed by the space designer.

(2) the idea of product design includes the orientation of commercial furniture uk design based on the study of the types and spatial characteristics of the business, and the possible forms, materials, dimensions, and the use of the furniture. Should pay attention to the creative design and the use of functional.

(3) making sample model. Large quantities of chairs and tables need to be made for sample models. This stage should pay attention to the unification of material color and space skin.

(4) drawing creative drawings. Including basic indoor furniture layout plan, furniture monomer classification, monomer furniture drawings, furniture portfolio drawings, etc.. Should meet the drawing specifications.

Do not use the blue decorative Restaurant

Blue is a kind of color that makes people think. The traditional blue color often becomes the modern decorative design in the tropical style of expression.

Blue can also adjust the nerve sedative effect. Blue fresh quietly elegant, and various fruits. Also very seductive, but it should not be used in the restaurant or kitchen, blue table or mat on the food, is always better than a warm environment at an appetite, and do not mounte incandescent lamp or a blue mood lamp in the restaurant, scientific experiments prove that blue light will make food look not attractive. But as the bathroom decoration but can strengthen the sense of mystery and privacy.

 2 black and white geometric

   Black and white is very modern,itis the first choice for some fashion. But if the room use black and white geometric is too loud, long time in this kind of environment, make a person dazzling, nervousness, irritability, and make people feel at loose ends. The best white based, local to other colors for the ornament, the space becomes bright and comfortable

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