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The best vacuum cleaners for pets

Mar 14, 2016

If you love small animal, so cats and dogs can become the best company, they are like the family in general.Of course, the trouble is that they will lose their hair,you will find that there will be a sweep of the hair, and it is difficult to clean up.If you worry about this situation,you might want to try the best vacuum cleaners for pets. It may be improved.We tested the best vacuum cleaners for pets,they are German S7260 and Meinuo Dyson DC65, the following I'll tell you how we feel about their use.

   The best vacuum cleaners for pets---German Meinuo Cat & Dog S7260

   Reference price: About 3985 RMB

   Vacuum cleaner S7260 of Miele "cats and dogs" series uses a vertical drag design, the overall workmanship is exquisite, curves and smooth body looks very high, but it weighs up to 13.6 kg, it is clear that if it is a long time to dust, it is easy to fatigue.Although it is not a wireless design, but about 12 meters of power lines or to meet the general needs of the family.

   A pleasing design is that the bottom of it integrates a plurality of LED lights, so you can get better in the clean environment view cabinet under dim.In addition, it also uses a 360 degree roller design,its top is designed with another vacuum tube, which can be used to connect a vacuum cleaner to the pet's hair, which meets the needs of multi scene applications.

   However,the best vacuum cleaners for pets are really heavy.

   The best vacuum cleaners for pets---Dyson Animal Upright DC65

   Reference price: About 3680 RMB

   In contrast,Dyson Animal Upright DC65's design looks more science fiction,the spherical "belly" has a strong power,it can make the hair of dog and cat swept away.In addition, the transparent dust collection box is also very convenient for cleaning, which does not need to purchase expensive vacuum dust collection bag.

   Dyson claimed that DC65 has a dust cleaning performance which is two times as the similar products.

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