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The best choice of sports tents

Mar 14, 2016

 Sports tents are movable folding tents. There is no obvious difference between the camp and the general camping tent.
      The introduction of the sports tents: 1. Fabric: (1) technical indicators to the degree of waterproof waterproof fabric is coated with water repellent is only AC or PU. General is only for children or game account waterproof 300mm generally used for beach account / shading or account is drought with cotton account waterproof 800MM-1200MM for regular simple camping tent waterproof 1500MM-2000MM for relatively mid-range tent and need to go for sports and tourism, more and more. Waterproof 3000MM above is generally a professional sports tent. It adopts the technology of high temperature resistance and cold resistance. At the bottom of the material: the general use of the most common PE, the quality is mainly depends on the quality of its thickness and latitude and longitude. Better to use Oxford fabric, waterproof treatment at least in 1500MM. The inner fabric is breathable nylon or cotton fabric. Its quality mainly depends on its density.

      Sports tents are provided by the space is appropriate, is to choose the most important indicator of the tent. You have much higher when you comfortable to drill in a sleeping bag down at ordinary times, tent is able to provide enough length? Vertical space is enough? You sit in if one felt panic fossa? The longer you plan to spend in the tent, you need to the space of the tent is bigger. If you go to a cold place, you may be ready to dinner in a tent, you need that kind of special vent tent. Make a little hot coffee or instant noodles can make people feel comfortable. But if the stove is used in the tent, there is enough space in the tent to keep it safe.Tent makers are often too high to estimate the number of tents that can be accommodated. A nominal 1~2 for personal use of a tent often means that when a person is used, it is enough to use. But when two people use the time, it is possible to put all the equipment and food thrown outside the tent. This is a problem that must be taken into consideration when buying a tent.

       When buying sports tents, don't forget to bring your tent to your camp. If you travel by car, it means you can have a better life. The weight problem will be a major problem because you can carry larger sports tents.But if you have to carry it all day long. With a heavy and over - needed tent can only bring pain to the journey. If you're just going to sleep in a tent for a few hours, you don't need to bring a big tent. If you just want to have a rest in the tent, you can take a cheaper, lighter tent. However, it is necessary to set up a camping base and transport some large and expensive tents. Some travelers drive to the camping area, the lake, the beach and other scenic and suitable place to live. You may be in a tent for a few weeks. In this case, the tent is more home feeling. Who would like to live in a comfortable and spacious.


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