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The best air purifiers for home

Mar 7, 2016

   The best air purifiers for home---Midea air purifier

   I recommend KJ30FE types,As the domestic home appliance giant,midea has been a popular brand,midea air purifier unique creativity, which enables the air inlet is provided with an air outlet, it avoids the traditional air duct structure difference, inlet plug when the secondary pollution, it solves the defects of industry technology.

   The best air purifiers for home---SHARP air purifier

   As a leading brand in the home appliance industry, SHARP has a good user reputation.Here, I recommend SHARP KC-BB30-W.The air purifier by using unique Plasmacluster purification technology, take the initiative to release negative ions and the nature of the same, always floating mycosis, through the integration of high performance filter layers of purification, no fog humidification and ingenuity of the 20 degree tilt design. It can realize full range without dead purification. Function and design considerations, it is very humane, it is a rare good product.

   The best air purifiers for home---Wright Eyre air purifier

   It is a joint venture company of Sweden and Switzerland,it has developed air purifier products for many years, it has a number of patented technology,it guarantees the realization of low carbon, environmental protection, no noise, no supplies,at the same time, it also achieved a stylish appearance design.Wright Al's sales are far more than other similar products in the European market, its purification effect is more efficient than the HEPA filter, long-term use only simple cleaning, and it does not need to replace the filter.

   The best air purifiers for home---YaDu air purifier

   Yadu have specialized in environmental protection for 27 years, at present,its original technology patents and intellectual property rights in China are in the leading position, such as humidity measurement and control technology and removal technology of indoor air pollution, removal indoor virus bacteria technology, medical grade clean operating room purification technology.

   The best air purifiers for home---PHILPS air purifier

   At present, in the Philips air purifier sales,currently, the best model of PHILPS air purifier sales is the model AC4374 champagne style,it has a very good filtering effect on the common harmful volatile gases such as formaldehyde and toluene.

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