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Some knowledges about car air purifiers

Mar 7, 2016

 Car air purifiers are means of air purification equipment which are used to purify the air in the car PM2.5, toxic and harmful gases (formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc.), odor, bacterial virus and other car pollution.

   Working principle of car air purifiers:The car air purifiers are usually composed of a high voltage generator, a negative ion generator, a breeze fan and an air filter.Its working principle is as follows:The breeze fan inside the machine (also called fan) causes the air circulation in the car,polluted air through the PM2.5 filter and activated carbon filter, all kinds of pollutants are filtered or adsorbed,then through installed in the air outlet of the negative ion generator (work, negative ion generator, high voltage produces negative DC high voltage), air ionization, and produce a large number of negative ions, which is micro fan sent, forming negative ions flow, to achieve the purpose of clean and purifying air. 

   Types of car air purifiers:Filter screen type vehicle mounted air purifier,electrostatic dust collection vehicle air purifier,ozone vehicle mounted air purifier,and so on.

   How to maintain car air purifiers?

   Car air purifiers are relatively simple.

   (1) filter net class. Maintenance of such products, it depends on the different filters, some filters are required to be cleaned regularly to maintain the purification effect,some do not need, but most of them need to replace the filter.

   (2) ion purification. Maintenance of such products, generally only need to replace the ion generator.There is a year to change, there are many years of a change. The longest is 6 years.

   Characteristics of car air purifiers:

   1) multiple efficacy, super efficiency purification
   Air purifier has multiple purification functions: negative ion + super activated carbon. It can take the initiative to purify each part of the car, it can effectively kill harmful bacteria in the air, bacteria, remove dust, dust and odor.
   2) sterilization and disease resistance, rejection of influenza

   Anion can effectively prevent the disease, sterilization, it can improve the lung function, it can promote metabolism. Tea tree oil is centuries since Aboriginal bactericidal anti-inflammatory panacea, it is through the destruction of bacteria, viruses, cells, tissues and energy source, it can effectively eliminate bacteria and virus in the car.

   3) natural fragrance, refreshing

   4) wet skin, not dry

   5)Air contact, convenient and easy to use

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