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Shelter tents help a lot for refugee

Mar 7, 2016

      Every time after the disaster and shelter tents can provide temporary shelters for survivors. It will produce its own energy use of solar panels, modular design makes a single tent can be combined to create greater refuge. The outer surface of the tent is designed to generate enough electricity to meet the energy needs of the use of advanced flexible solar cells. At the time of the disaster, the shelter tents will allow the affected people to enjoy every bit of warmth.

      EXO is one of the most basic needs of mankind - the creative solution to shelter tents. A shelter tent for 4 people living at the same time EXO. The climate inside the tent can be controlled by people. It can be long-term reserves and easy to transport. The EXO design allows for a variety of configurations and to meet any requirements and placement conditions.EXO is designed to take into account the load, which can be easily transported to the placement point. It also has no special requirements for the road. Because EXO can be stacked like cups. So it can be transported by rail and ship. If needed, can also be transported by cargo aircraft.

     High strength materials for shelter tents. And its 100 percent is the material that can be recycled. We can shelter the refugees from the disaster, and provide them with water, food and public health. For a few days of temporary stay, the shelter tent can easily solve the problem of refugee accommodation. It's a lightweight emergency shelter, it is easy to carry and repair. But to solve the need for long-term living can not count on this. But people who go camping may use it.

      The shelter tents are the refuge waterproof index (mm) to MM. In the original tent factory,it will have a waterproof tent fabric by an instrument. The tent of the sample clip to a diameter of about 7 cm a circular suite, the lower part of the suite is a system for pressurized water. The method of using electric water pressure, as measured by how much pressure can the water through the tent fabric. With increasing pressure, and soon the first drop of water through the small tent. This pressure is not the end result. It will have to wait until third water broke through the tent fabric, then the pressure value is the ultimate result. As to effect the pressure value is 1600MM, then explains the tents of waterproof 1600MM have ability. This 1600MM is equivalent to a six meters high water pressure to the water through the tent fabric.

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