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Relevant policies on air conditioners service

Mar 7, 2016

   Commitment of TCL air conditioners service:

   1, free design, free delivery, free installation, free standard configuration material fee;

   2, for the central city, we provide 24 hours door-to-door service, remote areas and special circumstances, it needs to make an appointment to serve;

   3, the unified national consulting, repair, complaints hotline 4008123456, 24-hour telephone answering and holidays normal service.

   Air conditioners service---installation policy

   Household air conditioner:With a valid purchase invoice, you can enjoy a free on-site installation services (except window machine).

   Mobile air conditioning: charging installation.

   Note: it must be installed by the TCL air conditioning special service outlets.

   Air conditioners service---The scope of charges for installation services (or not in the scope of services provided by the Division I):

   (1) the cost of the material and the supplementary refrigerant when the housing structure or the user's requirements are required to be extended;

   (2) drill holes in a wall or reinforced concrete wall with a thickness of more than 40cm;

   (3) air conditioning move and move, re install;

  (4) disassembly and assembly safety net;

  (5) installation of an indoor or outdoor unit purchased separately;

  (6) the installation of window machine;

  (7) the "treated goods" and "grades" of the price reduction processing;

  (8) the user requests to increase the outdoor machine drainage mouth;

  (9) without installing a debit card or no purchase invoices;

  (10) when the air conditioner is installed, it is required to punch holes in the glass wall, glass windows or other glass products. Please find a professional glass drilling company or change the location of the hole;

  (11) it requires installation workers play safe belt hanging in the window, the operation is a certain degree of difficulty and risk; outside the machine placed a certain difficulties and need to from upstairs and downstairs hoisting, or with high ladder and other auxiliary equipment installation, aerial work difficulty of cost.

   Air conditioners service---Repair service policy

   (1) provide valid purchase invoice (including electronic invoice);

   (2) must be installed and maintained by the special service outlets designated by our company;

   (3) must be in the repair period;

   (4) the fault caused by non-human;

   (5) if you can not provide a valid purchase invoice, the date of purchase in order to calculate the bar code on the ex factory date will be postponed to the following 3 months, such as bar code or not clear, it will not repair.

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