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Recommend some bedroom air conditioners for you

Mar 7, 2016

In order to improve the quality of sleep, air-conditioning manufacturers have launched a series of bedroom air conditioners which can help sleep,I select several practical bedroom air conditionings to recommend to everyone,interested friends can come together to understand the next!

   Product Name: GREE dream treasure air conditioning

   Product model: KFR-26GW/K (26541) A1-N1

   As quiet bedroom air conditioners,they can create a quiet and comfortable space for you,its noise up to 23 dB, so you can still go to sleep in the night when you have it.For indoor air, GREE has a mute Baote sleep breathing technique, it can effectively improve air quality.In the sleep state,GREE sleeping treasure for body temperature care space, ad hoc three kinds of sleep curve,you can according to your age to choose your comfort curve.

   Product Name: Chigo Air Conditioning sleep Fairy

   Product model: KFR-25GW/MD (M99A) +1

   These bedroom air conditioners are born to sleep,they take full account of the human sleep requirement to noise, specific innovation microcomputer silent mode, through digital, intelligent computing, tracking, testing, coordination of operation of internal components.Chigo Air Conditioning unique healthy sleep patterns in sleep Fairy.Temperature changes according to the comfort curve of the human body to adjust the temperature, to achieve the best temperature environment.

   Product Name: Haier speed to enjoy the wind and air conditioning

   Product model: KFR-35GW/01JCF12 (YH)

   These bedroom air conditioners use innovative smart wind technology,they step by step motor accurately control the operation of the guide plate, according to the position of the people, to free choice of the wind direction,it can not only on the wind, but also under the wind, air conditioning wind is not straight blowing the human body, it is healthy and comfortable, it can prevent the disease effectively.

   Product Name: Galanz cool treasure air conditioning

   Product model: KFR-26GW/dLP15-130

   The most prominent characteristic of these bedroom air conditioners is its unique "light wave sterilization" function,after the bedroom air conditioners start, it starts to monitor the air quality in real time, and when the pollution is harmful to the health, it starts the alarm immediately.At the same time, with the light wave 2 upgraded version of the technology, it can kill the radon, methanol, benzene, TVOC, ammonia and other toxic substances effectively. 

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