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Purchase method of air purifiers canada

Mar 7, 2016

 Purchase method of air purifiers canada---Choose the right purchase channel

   In the purchase of air purifier, it is recommended as far as possible in large shopping malls, electrical stores, brand stores and mainstream e-commerce sites and other formal channels to buy.The brand, function, performance, design and price of air purifiers canada are very different,It is recommended that consumers buy products according to their actual needs.
   Purchase method of air purifiers canada---Filtering technology

   General recommendations for the use of electrostatic in the extreme depth of dust containing HEPA filter,electrostatic electret technology makes the fiber non-woven fabric with positive and negative electricity,it can capture the air particulate matter effectively,a lot of HEPA filter are known with electrostatic electret technology, but due to technical reasons,a lot of screen of the electret charge will decay quickly in a short period of time, which leads to decrease the filtration efficiency.We can choose the 3M electrostatic HEPA filter,it adopts the static electricity in pole technology, which can ensure the efficiency without attenuation.  

   Purchase method of air purifiers canada---Pay attention to application area or particle clean air volume (CADR)

   Air purifier purification capacity of the strong, it is mainly determined by the applicable area and particulate matter clean air volume, the relationship between the them is: the applicable area of =CADR * 0.1. Purification capacity of other pollutants should be combined with the applicable area.

   Purchase method of air purifiers canada---Energy efficiency ratio and energy efficiency grade

   Air purifier is usually a long-term continuous use, energy efficiency ratio as a measure of air purifier purification capacity and an important indicator of power consumption which is worth everyone's attention.The higher the energy efficiency ratio and the higher energy efficiency, the lower the energy saving and the lower the cost of the air cleaner.

   Purchase method of air purifiers canada---Ozone release

   As a strong oxidant, ozone has a certain ability to purify, but it is harmful to the human body.State of the air purifier has a mandatory safety requirements for the release of ozone,it was limited to less than 5 * 10-6% (Ozone has the smell of fish).


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