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Product description of 3 drawer filing cabinets

Mar 7, 2016

 Technical parameter of 3 drawer filing cabinets:3 drawer filing cabinets are used to store paper documents and disk; weight: 254Kg; shape and size: L780*W525*H1207mm; configuration instructions: 3 section cabinet, of which there are three file drawer, single file drawer interior dimensions: L636*W388*H300mm, single file drawer volume 74l; single disk drawer interior dimensions: L520*W280*H150mm, single disk drawer volume 21.8L; lock password: matching; origin: China.
   Product description of 3 drawer filing cabinets:

   Our 3 drawer filing cabinets were detected by the "national fixed fire extinguishing and fire resisting component quality supervision and inspection center",its technical indicators are better than the strict Japanese (JIS) National standards.When the fire temperature at 1000 degrees Celsius for 1 hours,Paper drawer temperature is only 115.5 degrees Celsius,Remove the test paper, the text is clearly visible, magnetic medium fire drawer temperature is only 43.8.

   Product introduction of 3 drawer filing cabinets:

   Cabinet body - inside and outside the use of imported steel plate, filled with fire and cooling special materials, it is in the premise of ensuring strong, it strengthens the protection performance;

   Interlocking devices: users do not need each drawer to configure the independent control of the lock, they can open the interlocking function, by a lock control all the drawers;

   Automatic locking system: after each use, we will drawer gently push on, the drawer will automatically fastened and keep a closed state;
   Password lock: in order to further strengthen the anti-theft function, the user can choose a password lock;

   Roller device: to play a better fire, antimagnetic, anti-theft effect,in the design of products, increase the weight of its own, it can be convenient for loading roller, customer mobile fire antimagnetic safety cabinet;

   Column - fire file cabinets cabinet file with hanging bar and a separator bar, it is convenient for the file identification and management;

   Safety - external pumping pull handle is convenient to switch, in order to ensure the file security and safety, all safety cabinets have locks, such as special needs, it can also add password lock;

   Clean - the outer wall of the cabinet body spray anti fouling coating, non stick oil and dust, it is easy to clean up;

   Variety - based on the difference in the type and quantity of storage, the three models are available;

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