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Manufacturing process of steel filing cabinets

Mar 7, 2016

 Brief introduction of steel filing cabinets:Steel file cabinet is also called sheet metal file cabinet,which is made of cold rolled steel plate,it is made of cold rolled steel plate through a complete set of precision manufacturing processes,it is mainly used for placing files, documents and all kinds of files.

   Categories of steel filing cabinets: it can be divided into file cabinets, filing cabinets, cabinets, cabinet, locker key, detachable cabinet, dense ark, CD cabinet, bookcase, wardrobe, shoes cabinet, lockers. Application: it is suitable for service companies, factories, schools, all kinds of training institutions, hospitals, banks and government agencies and other enterprises and institutions.

   Manufacturing process of steel filing cabinets:

   1 opening: please use the plate shearing machine to cut the required size.

   2 stamping:Please use the punch to flush the reserved position.

   3 bending:Please use the bending machine folded inside the folded edge and outer fold.

   4 welding: welding with electric welding machine.

   5 polishing:the surface is smooth and without burr.

   6 pickling and phosphating: iron filing cabinet welding good down chemical degreasing and derusting pool.

   7: spray the semi-finished products into the spray booth, electrostatic spray.

   8 assembly: assembly door, handle, key and other accessories.

   9 inspection: inspection personnel.

   10 products: please use paper to wrap it up.

   Common specifications of steel filing cabinets:

   1, high 1800mm* wide 850mm* deep 390mm

   2, high 1800mm* wide 900mm* deep 400mm

   3, high 1810mm* wide 880mm* deep 400mm/500mm

   Purchase guide of steel filing cabinets:

   1 the thickness of the wall of the cabinet, the thickness of the cabinet must be at least 0.6mm;

   2 look at the internal structure of the spot welding technology, and the real goods is strong;

   3 must allow businesses to determine whether the pickling and phosphating, not after pickling and phosphating, the quality of moisture is relatively poor.

   Maintenance skills of steel filing cabinets:

   The key of maintenance is maintenance and cleaning and avoid sharp scratches, for stubborn stains, we can wipe the surface cleaning agent.When the steel file cabinet is placed,in order to prevent the oxidation of paint, avoid direct sunlight, to prevent the steel file cabinet structure damage, please avoid overload.

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