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Maintenance notes of furniture filing cabinets

Mar 7, 2016

  Before introducing the furniture filing cabinets to everyone,let me introduce elm to you.

   It is a deciduous tree.The elm tree is tall and strong,wood is tough, the texture is beautiful, understanding clear, it is natural thick Kuang, its hardness and strength is moderate.Generally, Toudiao relief can adapt it.Its plane surface is smooth, the string surface pattern is beautiful, it has the "chicken wing wood" pattern,it can be used for furniture, decoration, etc., and it can produce exquisite lacquer crafts.

   Please do not make these mistakes in the maintenance of furniture filing cabinets:

   1, do not use coarse or old clothes as rag.When we wipe furniture filing cabinets, it is best to use a towel, cotton cloth, cotton or flannel.As for the cloth or thread, buttons, button suture, cloth will scratch the furniture, you must avoid using them.

   2, do not use soap water or clean water to clean the furniture filing cabinets

   Because soap can not effectively remove the accumulation of dust on the furniture surface, also cannot remove polishing before the fine sand particles, but can make furniture become bleak and water if the infiltration of wood will lead to the wood mildew or local deformation and shortening of service life.

   3, do not use a dry cloth to wipe the furniture filing cabinets

   Since the dust is composed of fiber and sand, many consumers are used with dry cloth to wipe the furniture surface, which leads to the fine particles in the furniture surface leaving tiny scratches.

   4, to avoid improper use of wax products

   Some people in order to make the furniture look shiny,they put wax products directly to smear on the furniture, or improper use furniture wax, but so that the furniture looks fog, and it will also have spots.In order to avoid improper cleaning and maintenance methods to make the furniture lost the original luster brightness,it is best used in conjunction with stained with clean care spray wax cloth, will be able to avoid scratches, at the same time, it maintains the original brightness of furniture.

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