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Introduction of two drawer filing cabinets

Mar 7, 2016

   Product description of two drawer filing cabinets:

   1, the products are made of high quality cold rolled plate,after the die assembly line, pressure, strength, impact resistance, it is not easy to deformation.

   2, spray the green powder on the human body and the surrounding environment, it does not cause harm, non-toxic, no smell.

   3, connect the standard parts, support and reinforcement of the wear resistance of the auxiliary parts, to meet the requirements of bearing.

   Handles, locks, locks are available. If you have other requirements, the company can according to your requirements to customize production for you.

   Characteristics of two drawer filing cabinets:

   1 it saves space, it can be classified into a more detailed, beautiful and durable, practical, clean and convenient

   2 it adopts imported cold rolled steel anti corrosion performance, advanced spray technology is beautiful and durable, fashionable and functional realization

   3 it has a card number or the name of the card number

   4 it is convenient to save the party to classify the file or the person such as clothing store.

   Use description of two drawer filing cabinets:

   It applies to the production line, warehouse storage of electronic components, accessories and tools. It can use of space, it can be dampproof and mothproof has large storage capacity, it is easy to manage, find the advantages of convenient goods. Products are also developed a series of anti-static, on expensive electronic components such as: IC has better protective effect. It is managing your good help.

   Technological process of two drawer filing cabinets:

   The steel plate is fully automatic skim, clean water cleaning, heating in addition to oil phosphating, surface conditioning, drying process, so that the product has a stronger anti rust ability, it's longer life.Sheet metal large-scale equipment, composite mold, special tool holder, the product processing process does not fall to the ground.The parts and components are finished in one time, with high precision and high universality.The welding part adopts the high standard weld, smooth surface by automatic spraying line, surfaceelectrostatic powderspray.

   Welcome to our company to buy two drawer filing cabinets.

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