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Introduction of professional vacuum cleaners

Mar 7, 2016

Professional vacuum cleaners have been 100 years of history, for many people,they have become an indispensable household equipment,the reason is obvious.Current controlled motor operation. With a fan, the fan blade has a certain angle, just like the propeller of an aircraft. When the fan blade rotates, the air is pushed to the exhaust port. When the air particles are pushed forward, the particle density in front of the fan will increase, and the air pressure will increase accordingly, and the particle density in the rear of the fan will be reduced. The pressure drop on the rear side of the fan is the same as the pressure drop in the suction tube when you suck a drink. The pressure at the rear of the fan is less than the external pressure of the vacuum cleaner. This will generate suction within the vacuum cleaner, which is part of the vacuum cleaner.The professional vacuum cleaners originated in the United kingdom.

   Principle of professional vacuum cleaners:The main components of modern professional vacuum cleaners are vacuum pump, dust collection bag, hose and nozzle tube with different shapes.There is an electric fan inside the machine,after electrify,it runs at high speed,it makes cleaner internal flash vacuum forming, internal pressure is much lower than the external pressure, in the role of the pressure difference, dust and dirt with air into the tub, the dust collector body, again through the set of dust bag filter, dust in collecting dust bag, air purification is through the motor to escape into the room to motor cooling, air purification.

   Development of professional vacuum cleaners:From mid to late 1990s, sales of Chinese professional vacuum cleaners rose at an annual rate of 38%. Today vacuum cleaner is not only more and more functional, the appearance is becoming more and more beautiful, the price is also getting cheaper, it has been a lot of people's favorite.

   2007, the cumulative production of Chinese vacuum cleaner is 43632664 units, compared with the same period in 2006, it increased by 21.63%.Among them, the Jiangsu Province cleaner production is the highest, in 2007, Jiangsu Province, cleaner production is 15318582 and 24.98% increase over the same period in 2006, followed by the Guangdong Province, cleaner production is 14251981, 15.09 increase compared to the same period in 2006.

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