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Introduction of outdoor commercial furniture

Mar 7, 2016

 Definition of outdoor commercial furniture:In outdoor open or semi open space,setting a series of relative to the indoor furniture appliances for the convenience of people's health, comfortable and efficient public outdoor activities, which mainly covers the city public outdoor furniture, courtyard outdoor leisure furniture, place of business, outdoor furniture, portable outdoor furniture.

   Outdoor commercial furniture is mainly refers to the furniture which is mainly used for outdoor or semi outdoor furniture for common activities.Outdoor commercial furniture is an important element to determine the function of building outdoor space and the important elements in the form of outdoor space.

   Characteristics of outdoor commercial furniture:

   Outdoor commercial furniture is different from the general furniture: as a component element of the urban landscape environment - the city's "props",outdoor commercial furniture has the characteristics of "public" and "communication" in general.As an integral part of the overall furniture,the basic content of outdoor furniture is generally refers to the urban landscape facilities in the rest of the facility. For example, outdoor or semi outdoor space for the rest of the table, chairs, umbrellas, etc.. 

   Introduction of raw materials:

   Chinese stephania root:It is produced in Indonesia,wood has a sheen,sapwood color is shallow, it has no special smell and taste, texture is staggered, the structure is thick and homogeneous, wood is particularly heavy, dry gas density is 0.85-0.93g/cm3, matter is hard, the intensity is high, the drying shrinkage is small.

   Southeast mountain camphor:Southeast mountain camphor is fragrant,it is produced in Malaysia.Wood slightly luster, texture just staggered; structure slightly thick, uniform hardness; medium to large, high strength. Raw materials processing is easy, smooth surface, smooth, strong grip nails. After the drying process, it is processed by the machine or by hand.

   If put it on the outside for a long time, it is inevitable to expose to the weather,outdoor commercial furniture has a certain deformation and discoloration.If you consider the price factor, in the choice of wood, there are two kinds: middle and low grade wood,if you want to lower the price, we generally choose domestic pine or fir.If you want to crack resistance and good durability, we generally choose imported mountain camphor, pineapple, African teak or Burma teak.

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