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Introduction of medical filing cabinets

Mar 7, 2016

  Material of medical filing cabinets:We choose an electrolytic steel plate whose thickness is 0.8MM.Bare steel has excellent protection against rust and corrosion resistance, it is not ordinary cold-rolled steel plate is easy to rust concerns (electrolytic plate bare steel long-term in the outdoor sun and rain will not rust)

   Characteristics of medical filing cabinets:Electrolytic steel plate bare steel after professional and technical electrolytic treatment, it has anti rust and oxidation resistance, it also has the role of acid and corrosion protection, it does not need ordinary cold rolled steel pickling, phosphating, rust treatment.

   Surface of medical filing cabinets:Mixed type thermosetting powder coating (epoxy resin containing acid anhydride isocyan grease TGIC and polyester resin) synthesis),the powder evenly distributed on the workpiece through the use of science and technology of electrostatic, free of dust or impurities adhesion to the detriment of the spraying of perfect, after spraying the workpiece, by controlling appropriate temperature and time curing procedures, to achieve the best adhesion effect.Film thickness is the minimum international standards 65 m, it does not contain toxic substances, no crack. In addition,semi finished products of the solder joint burnished to fill putty assurance, spraying powder does not appear to spot small depression effects of dusting effect.

   Colour of medical filing cabinets:The cabinet optional: gray, dark gray, ash carbon, carbon black, silver, Japanese rice, door the meter will be roll, sand textured gray, dark blue, rice is white, grass green, sapphire blue, blue, purple, orange.

 Cabinet color: according to the space color collocation and customer preferences, customize the color or color selection
   Product maintenance of medical filing cabinets:

   1 we should always wipe the furniture, to avoid contact with water.

   2 in the use process, if found to have dirt, we can use cloth to gently wipe clean until now, remember not to be in the furniture on the residual moisture, and in life, we should pay attention to the spray of furniture handling should be handled with care, it can't have sharp objects cut surface spray.

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