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Introduction of marine air conditioners

Mar 7, 2016

A ship sailing in the sea, the weather condition is complex,climate is changeable, in order to make the crew, passengers have a comfortable living and working environment, we can use marine air conditioners in the cabin to create a suitable artificial climate and improve the environment.Therefore, the research and development of modern marine air conditioners is a hot research topic.

   Characteristics of marine air conditioners:

   Requirements of marine air conditioners:marine air conditioners are only used to meet the needs of health and comfort, to create a good work and rest environment for the crew,it is not very strict with the air condition, it should satisfy the following several aspects.

   1, air temperature: Winter 19 - 22~C, summer 24~28~C, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is not more than 6-10T; indoor vertical temperature difference is not more than 3-5 degrees Celsius, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is not more than 6-10'E.

   2, air humidity: relative humidity in winter: 30%-40%, relative humidity in summer, W40% 50%.

   3, the air fresh degree: including fresh air (containing little dust and harmful gases) and fresh (enough oxygen content) of the two requirements, meet the needs of oxygen to breathe, fresh air supply per person 2.4m3/h can to make carbon dioxide, smoke and other harmful gases down to allow the following values, fresh air volume requirements per person per 30~50m3/h.

   4, air flow rate: in the cabin,the air will flow slightly,which make the person feel tightness, airflow requirements speed to o.15 to O.2m/h is suitable for, the maximum is not more than 0.35m/h,otherwise, people will feel uncomfortable.

   5, noise: away from the outlet of marine air conditioners, the test noise should be less than 55-60dB (A).

   Heat load and moisture load of cabin:The heat that infiltrated into the cabin at the time of the unit and caused the change of room temperature ,which is called the sensible heat load of the cabin:

   1, infiltration heat: in the summer,the quantity of heat which is afferented by ship building envelope accounts for approximately 26%-31% of the thermal load of the cabin.

   2, Radiant heat:Radiant heat which is infiltrated by the window is about 25%-27%.

   3, the body's heat: the average per person is about 210kJ/h,body heat accounts for about 18% - 16%.

   4, lighting and other electrical equipment cooling: about 4%-5%.

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